Re-digging the Wells - Gen 26…



Over the past few months there has been quite a few “prophetic words” that have spoken of re-digging the wells.  The understanding is that the Spirit of God is encouraging the Body of Christ to consider the past while moving forward into one’s destiny and future.  In the case of re-digging the wells, the thought is that of revival. 


Last month at the Prophetic Conference there was a speaker who spoke about RE-DIGGING THE WELLS and that the Lord is emphasizing this now.  There are both personal and corporate applications to this word that I would like us to consider this morning.  The Lord is doing something globally through his church – it’s time to hear the call of the Spirit for greater things of the kingdom of God for the glory of God. 


Gen 26

In Genesis 12:10-20, Abraham had fled to Egypt when he experienced famine and spoke of his wife Sarah as his sister to save himself from Pharaoh.  There is another famine in the land and here God appears to Isaac and tells him not to go to Egypt.  Instead, God repeats the covenant promises he made to Abraham and speaks of how he wants to continue these covenant promises for Isaac.  Like father, like son Isaac lies about Rebekah not being his wife causing Abimelech grave concern (Gen 26:1-11). 


During this famine, Isaac prospered - Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the Lord blessed him. 13 The man became rich, and his wealth continued to grow until he became very wealthy (Gen 26:12–13).  There is another sermon in this passage for another time.  Suffice it to say, his success caused the Philistines to become envious so much so that they plugged up all the wells that Abraham’s servants had dug.  Abimelech orders Isaac to move away; this strong language suggest being driven away forcefully.  So, Isaac moves into the valley of Gerar and settles there.  This is the beginning of the context for Gen 26.

Re-Opening the Wells

Gen 26:18 shows us the beginning of the re-digging of the wells from Abraham’s day.  It is interesting to note that the word for re-opening or digging carries a two-fold meaning; to search out and explore and to dig.  In other words, the wells were covered up and needed to be rediscovered before they could be re-dug. 


What does it take to reopen the wells of our forefathers?  The Philistines plugged the wells with rocks, old wood, dead carcasses and garbage to ruin the well for future use.  Isaac and his men would have to remove all the garbage etc to make the well fresh once again.  Once the well was cleared the water would start flowing again, the well would become clean once again and be useful for drinking and watering the flocks and land.

Isaac’s servants discover two new wells and dig them out so that they produced fresh water.  These new wells are named “Dispute” and “Contention” as the Philistines quarreled with Isaac (Gen 26:19-22).  Eventually Isaac digs a well that no one quarrels over and he names it Rehoboth, saying, “Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land.” 

How do we re-dig the wells?  

These new wells caused problems for Isaac and rather that quarrel over the fresh water he moved onto a new well two more times before finding one that was free from dispute.  The new wells of revival often cause problems for those who want to hang onto the old wells.  A new move of God is often opposed.  Don't worry.  The Spirit of God is flowing like a river and there is enough revelation to share around.  The life sustaining water of the Holy Spirit knows no limit.  The Spirit of revelation is always sharing the good truths of God’s Word. 


As we begin to consider “re-digging the wells of revival” there must be a sincere place within our hearts that is committed to getting rid of things that have caused the wells to become plugged in the first place.  In a spiritual sense, we too can reopen the spiritual wells of our forefathers, the revivals of old but it takes hard work.  The enemy has plugged the wells of revival with compromise, sinful habits, worldly thinking and religious activities.  This junk must be removed; Independence, Discouragement, Heart break, if we are to ever experience springs of living Holy Spirit water.


Once we are accomplished at reopening the old wells, God will lead us to discover fresh waters of revival...  The old wells will be replaced by new wells of the living water of the Holy Spirit.  


I would say that the Spirit of the fear of the Lord is essential when it comes time to re-opening the floodgates of heaven.  The fear of the Lord is a genuine and growing relationship with God that involves reverence, surrender, joy and praise, worship and intercession, hunger for spiritual things, grieving over sin, repentance and much more.  One of the main aspects of re-opening the wells of the Holy Spirit is that of receiving a new heart, instead of stone (Ezek 36:26).  It is the returning to one’s first love (Rev 2:4-5).  We learn to walk in faith and trust with God.  We learn to be led by the Holy Spirit and Grace.  We learn to believe God at his Word.

In Conclusion

We are continuing to “Apprehend God’s Heart” through intimacy with God, growing in our spiritual identity, listening prayer and abiding in worship.  Let’s continue to re-dig, re-open our hearts and lives to God allowing the living waters of the Holy Spirit to flow.  One of the wells of the Foursquare Gospel Church is that of evangelism and missions.  We are intentionally re-digging these wells.  This is “fulfilling God’s Dreams” and causing his kingdom to grow and expand.