From Pastor Larry: Something to think about over the summer:
What does the sound of Hearts returning to God sound Like?


July 30, 2017

K4C (Juniors): Jane/Arlyn


Coffee: Stephen B

Ushers: Ruthann

Counters: Drew/Marian

Sound: Jonathan

PowerPoint: Cassy

Transition: Drew

Drivers: Tony

Worship Leader: Nathan


Praise Reports


Prayer Requests

ATTENTION: A Reminder to keep Pastor Becky in Prayer as she Ministers in BC. and in the Yukon. Pray for safe travels and good health. Pray for a move of the Holy Spirit of God in the hearts of the people. Let us also pray for all those who have been effected by the fires Burning in BC. "May our Lord send rain on the natural fires, and in the hearts of people pour out his Spirit setting them on fire for Him."

Here is pastor Becky's summer agenda

Reminding: Us all to keep lifting Pastor Becky to the Lord in prayer.

  • July 15- 31- Whitehorse Yukon. Ministering on First Nations Reserves with Yukon Bible Fellowship( a Foursquare Gospel Church)

  • August 4-19- Pray for opportunities to open with local churches in Pharump Nevada.

  • August 20-31- Quadacha (Fort Ware) First Nation Reserve BC. and Chilcotin First Nations Reserve.

Continue to lift in Prayer:

Pastor's Norman and Fanny and their family as they Minister the word of God in Drake and surrounding communities. Pray for the move of God's Spirit in these communities. Pray for God abundant supply for their needs.

Pray the people of Godwill RESPOND to the Heart of God as he moves among us.

Pray for our K4C teachers, throughout the summer months, as they minister to the children.

With the arrival of summer vacations, please keep our Courts of Praise Families in your prayers.


(There is a prayer box in the foyer)



Let’s remember to bring our praise reports and prayer requests to church so we can celebrate and prayer together in UNITY.   


Last week’s tithe & offering was $788. June's tithes & offerings were $5956. Our monthly goal is $8239




Please remember our food offerings. Financial offerings are appreciated. Thanks for your generosity.



Please Note: Food Bank is in need of Canned Meats (Proteins),  Pasta Sauces, Canned Vegetables, Cereals Donations for the church food bank are always appreciated. Thank you.

Special Upcoming Event

The Canada On TRACK regional event will be in the Saskatoon area is being held August 10-11 at 7pm

Canada On TRACK is a Canada 150 National Unity Initiative that is erasing denominational lines and bringing Christians together from Sea to Sea to celebrate, worship, and passionately pray. Together God’s people are believing for a fresh move of God, Awakening, and Harvest. Together they are Calling Canada ON TRACK with God’s Plans at 150.

Upwards of one thousand people gathered together recently from well over 50 different churches in the Maritimes over the last two weeks (bringing together Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Salvation Army, Victory, Word of Faith, Wesleyan, & more). They came together for explosive times of worship, prayer and exhortations about the significance of this Kairos moment of our Triple Jubilee. We also saw over 30 Pastors joined together on stage, arm in arm, in unity to pray for our cities, provinces and nation and more at such a time as this.

These aren’t just another series of events, these passionate rallies are awakening the church to light a match in every province to see Canada set ablaze for God at this pivotal 150th.

THIS IS CANADA’S TIME! For more info visit:

Special Words

Upcoming Events


Worship Team

We are becoming a grace-full, loving, accepting and forgiving community of Christian believers from all nations that celebrate each other and who are committed to bringing souls into God’s Kingdom