Prophetic Word from June 4 2017

Sun, Jun 4, 2017

Here is the Prophetic word that Jay read Sunday morning. 

  "I believe this to be an accurate Word of Prophecy that brings life and encouragement to our lives and church.  Let's continue to dig those wells of living water and see the Fulfillment of God's Dreams here at Courts of Praise."  Pastor Larry

"Just wanted to share with you what I'm already starting to feel. First, When You Sweep into the Room song is especially anointed and a word for our body right now. It describes both God coming in and taking over, but also His sweeping power to sweep away what doesn't belong, not from Him. 

Similarly, I'm feeling "there will be showers of blessing" repeatedly..The habitation of God is coming, a lingering of anointing to happen and keep happening. Look for the LINGERING. God will be felt here like a new season of blessing and conviction in spirit, being soaked and covered in His Presence", in such a way that we will feel the weight and power of His goodness moat times we meet, the water levels rising. Anything not of God, washed away, being consumed by His all encompassing power and love.

As a second stage of water level rising, I see in the" in between times" of services miracles and happenings ordained by God will take place, signs and wonders, doing the same works as Jesus and "greater works." Giftings realized, ministries raised up.  Rather than a part-time couple days a week, stop-over place, the "House" is going to take on a new nature of fullness and priority not experienced before.. No one will have to dictate.. It will be done by the Holy Spirit. Prayer in the House will be catalyst.

The members in particular are going to have growth spurts and come into new "skins" of their identity in Christ. They'll start popping up and bursting forth with "book of Acts" like actions and life flow, many answered prayers, healings, deliverance's, neighbors and friends being brought into the Kingdom. The Lord wants you to know your prayers and labors have not been in vain. Your dreams have been God's dreams. Days of decrease, cutting back, pruning, are coming to an end. Days of fruit bearing and harvest are ahead. Believe God. Be bold in God! The rain and reign of God are coming. 

Your friend,

Jay (prophesying as best I know how and maybe a bit of my own exhortation)